Kiwanis Just For Fun
      Medium Thought Challenges

Challenge #4 "The Politician Puzzle":
A recent convention had 100 politicians. Each politician was either crooked or honest.

We are given the following two additional facts:
      At least one of the politicians was honest.
      Given any two of the politicians, at least one of the two was crooked.

Can it be determined from these two additional facts how many of the politicians were honest and how many of them were crooked?

Challenge #5 "The Island of Questioners":
Somewhere in the vast reaches of the ocean, there is a very strange island known as the Island of Questioners. It derives its name from the fact that its inhabitants never make statements, they only ask questions.
The inhabitants ask only questions answerable by Yes or No. Each inhabitant is one of two types, Y and N.
Those of type Y ask only questions whose correct answer is Yes; those of type N ask only questions whose correct answer is No.

For example, an inhabitant of type Y could ask, "Does two plus two equal four? But he could not ask whether two plus two equals five. An inhabitant of type N could not ask whether two plus two equals four, but he could ask whether two plus two equals five.

I once visited this island and met a couple named Ethan and Violet Russell. I heard Ethan ask someone, "Are Violet and I both of type N?" What type is Violet?

Challenge #6 "The Boddy Manor":
In the game of "Clue" players determind the Suspect, the Weapon and the Romm based on the cards they hold and by their questioning other players.
The six players in a recent game were asked what there current best guess was for Suspect, Weapon and Room.

The Players:
Andy) White - Revolver - Kitchen
Bob) Plum - Candlestick - Ballroom
Curt) Mustard - Candlestick - Lounge
David) Mustard - Rope - Kitchen
Eddie) White - Revolver - Ballroom
Frank) Mustard - Candlestick - Study

Unfortunately no one was correct with all three.
Several players agreed on the Suspect and Weapon. One set was correct.
Three players had two out of the three choices correct.
No one had the correct Suspect and Room.

Who is the Suspect, what is the Weapon and where did the murder of Mr. Boddy take place?

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